Yahoo OpenID has extra security constaints

Posted by face on March 05, 2008

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I have a feeling this will help some of y’all if you are getting the following error:

Sorry! Something is not quite right with the request we received from the website you are trying to use. Please try again in a few minutes. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator for the website you are trying to use. If you are the site administrator, click here to contact us.

I get this error if I try to login on my development environment because localhost:3000 just won’t cut it for Yahoo’s OpenID security policy. If I run from a production URL on port 80, say then signin works (though I haven’t gotten Simple Registration Attribute Exchange working with Yahoo).

From the Yahoo OpenID Developers FAQ:
Yahoo! Security Policies Yahoo! will only support Relying Parties running on webservers with real hostnames (IP addresses are not supported) running on standard ports (Port 80 for HTTP and Port 443 for HTTPS).

Hope this saves ya some time!

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