OpenID-2.0.2 with Rails-2.0.2

Posted by face on December 29, 2007

OpenID makes sense. Dr. Nick’s multi-OpenIDs per user example app makes even more sense.

In the middle of integrating it into my project, gem-1.0.1 came out and broke ruby-openid-1.1.4. Dr. Nick’s great example no longer worked!

A little digging and I found Dr. Nick’s example uses the standard open_id_authentication. That has a patch to work on ruby-openid-2.0.2 and rails 2 which can be found here.

So in a nutshell, I grabbed openidauth_multiopenid-0.3.2 from Dr. Nick, removed a bunch of stuff from vendor plugins. Updated Rakefile, config/boot.rb, and config/environment.rb for rails 2.0.2. Patched vendor/plugins/open_id_authentication for ruby-openid-2.0.2. Regenerated db/migration/002_add_open_id_authentication_tables.rb. And installed ruby-openid-2.0.2 as a system gem.

As a little code is worth more than a thousand words, here is Dr. Nick’s example application fully ported to rails 2.0.2 in ZIP and TAR.gz.

For my port of Dr. Nick’s example above to work, you will need rails-2.0.2 and ruby-openid-2.0.2 installed as a gems.

Security Update: January 4th, 2007 I noticed the example adds edit, update, and destroy to users_controller.rb using params[:id] thus allowing any logged in user to edit, update, and destroy any user of the system. To fix, simply change the first line of edit, update, and destroy to use the current logged in user (i.e. @user = User.find(

Another Update:February 27th, 2007 One of my clients noticed the user_openids_controller’s index method finds all openids for all users if you surf to user_openids URL. To fix, change the find in user_openids_controller.index to be @user_openids = UserOpenid.find_all_by_user_id( I think it’s time I put this example under SVN and apply these security upates…

It should look something like this under rails 2.0.2:


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rubygems-1.0.1 on OpenBSD

Posted by face on December 23, 2007

I started a real update to the port but was unable to complete it quickly. I have more pressing coding tasks and can’t spend the time now to complete the port.

My short term solution is to just use ruby gems to update itself (assuming you already have gem installed, if not see below).

sudo gem update --system

Then, if you want to, update some installed gems (like rails -> 2.0.2)

sudo gem update rails

I updated my systems which run my ruby-1.8.6p110 port. However it should work with the stock ruby and gem which you can install via OpenBSD ports:

sudo su
# setenv PKG_PATH "" 
export  PKG_PATH="" 
pkg_add ruby ruby-gems ruby-iconv

gem update --system

If anyone has a pointer to a completed native port, please let me know.

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