DigitalOcean is invasive: Goodby DigitalOcean, Hello Vultr

Posted by face on July 13, 2014


I’ve been using digital ocean for a couple of years for my own business and for some clients. A few months back I started a new personal account with a privacy focus to run my own VPN etc.

My credit card on file was maxed so I went to add a new card. After accepting my new card, I got a notice and my account was frozen: Automated Account Verification Request. Digital ocean requested the following information:

* Name
* Address
* Type of Traffic
* Blog/Wesite
* Phone Number
* Social network (twitter, facebook etc).

Really?, my facebook and blog? This seemed very intrusive to me. My credit card authorization is proof of who I am. When moving the post office uses a credit card to verify who you are. So if it is good enough for the US Government, why not digital ocean?

Although it gave me an icky feeling, I complied with their request. It seemed overly intrusive but it was late and I wanted to get back to real work.

So after giving them all that information they requested I get the following response:
To help us verify your identity, please send us a scan or photo of your government-issued photo ID or passport 

Really? In addition to my social networking sites you need my drivers license too? Digial Ocean is now trying to collect more information than my bank.

Who are these people? If they had simply asked for my drivers license to begin with I would have complied. But they feel they need my social networking sites too?

I would worry when your ISP wants more information the the federal government or your bank for “identity verification”.

I have now moved all my services to So far my experience with Vultr has bee excelent.

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