Down for a few hours then things are snappy

Posted by face on February 03, 2008

Surfer on a big wave was hosted on a dedicated server from 1and1. Now I’m hosting on a dedicated server from 1and1 infrastructure was excellent when I leased these servers 3 years ago and I was one of their first customers. I can’t say that now as speed on my “100Mbps” connection to all my servers had dwindled to a paltry 180K/s to the west coast.

Then the the biggest problem was 1and1’s customer service. Sure they answer the phone. But then the person who answers the phone can only send one way messages to the techs. And the techs never send information back to the customer. Right before I dumped them, I took a perfectly healthy machine and started their re-image process to do speed tests with their OS instead of mine. 36 hours and many phone calls after my box disappeared, 1and1 customer service could only say “We will check with level 2 tier support. Check back with us in another 24 hours”. Boy though, once I used their cancellation website to dump them, they had me locked out of my prepaid servers within about an hour (my choice was cancel at end of contract, or, cancel in 30-120 days. BTW, should have had 0 downtime…but I wasn’t expecting “end of contract” to mean 1and1 locks you out now and keeps your money.

I have been completely satisfied with m5hosting. It is very refreshing to have a support issue in the middle of the night, and the tech helping me designed the network. Plus now my sites scream!

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