OpenBSD port of Sphinx

Posted by face on February 28, 2008

Sphinx Free open-source SQL full-text search engine

Update July 16th, 2008: Sphinx sphinx-0.9.8 has been released and this port has been updated.

Here is a OpenBSD port of Sphinx, Free open-source SQL full-text search engine. Sphinx is a wonderfully fast and memory efficient deep text search engine. I have found integrates nicely with Ruby and Ruby-On-Rails.

I hope at some point to get this port committed to the OpenBSD CVS repository. In the meantime this will be the ports home. Till it hits the OpenBSDs repository, it will live in my SVN repository here.

You can download a snapshot of the source code for the port here: sphinx.tgz. So far this port has been tested with MySQL and Postgresql on OpenBSD 4.2 and OpenBSD 4.3-betaOpenBSD-4.4-beta on the i386 platform with the Ultrasphinx Ruby-On-Rails plugin.

Instructions to build the port

If your ports tree is not already prepped, please begin by prepping your ports tree.

The port will build much faster if you install the prerequisites via binaries:

sudo su
export PKG_PATH=""
# or, setenv PKG_PATH ""
pkg_add libiconv mysql-server mysql-client

Now we are ready to build the sphinx port:

cd /usr/ports/textproc
lynx --source "" > sphinx.tgz
tar xvfz sphinx.tgz 
cd sphinx
make install  # or make package
There is also a Postgresql flavor. Follow the instructions above, installing Postgresql instead of MySQL and then instead of make install do:

env FLAVOR=pgsql make install

Thanks, and feedback is always welcome!

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